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The Zero.7 is the lightest bike Wilier Triestina has ever produced, and it was created with one goal in mind: to set a new standard for the most sophisticated race bikes. Zero.7 takes full advantage of BB386EVO, a new integrated bottom bracket designed by Wilier in collaboration with FSA. The box containing the bottom bracket is wider and has a larger diameter than the traditional standards.
The result is increased stiffness while enabling weight savings, which equates to better power transfer and efficiency. The introduction of our Zero.7 also marks the first implementation of an exclusive Wilier technology: S.E.I. Film. The injection of a proprietary viscoelastic film between the layers of carbon fiber increases vibration absorption and impact resistance, making the frame stronger and safer, and its ride more comfortable. S.E.I. has also enabled us to shave weight, as the presence of this film reduces the need for intermediate modulus carbon.
The Zero.7’s tapered head tube (from 1 1/8” to 1 1/4”) further enhances front end stability, providing the perfect balance of lateral stiffness, comfort and precision handling. The combination of all these features makes for one thing: speed.


"After sampling thousands of models during my tenure as test director at BICYCLING, I know a great bike when I ride one…yes, this is a great bike."

"It has set a new bar we will measure every other bike against."

"...offers a muted ride that sets it apart from the brassy harshness of many superbikes. “'It’s a race bike you could ride all day.'”


Zero.7 debuts the new integrated bottom bracket system, BB386EVO, which Wilier Triestina developed with FSA. The box that contains the BB is wider than most at 86.5 mm, and has a diameter of 46 mm to accept a particularly light and stiff carbon crankset with a 30 mm aluminum spindle. Testing has shown that increases stiffness by 30% and reduces dispersion of power to nearly Zero. It is compatible with Campagnolo, Shimano, and SRAM traditional cranksets using adapters that are included with the frameset. FSA PF30 BB is not included with the frameset, and it is required for installation of FSA cranksets.





Zero.7 is the first to implement an exclusive new Wilier Triestina technology: S.E.I. Film (Special Elastic Infiltrated). The injection of this proprietary viscoelastic film between layers of carbon increases vibration absorption and impact resistance, therefore making the frame safer and more comfortable.

This new material has already been widely tested in the aeronautical and automotive industries with excellent results. It is now being applied in the construction of bicycles for the first time.

S.E.I. Film benefits:
Increases impact resistance by 35%, making the frame stronger and safer.
Increases inter-laminar shear strength by 18%, which reduces de-lamination of carbon layers.
Increases 3 point flexing strength by 12%, which improves crack resistance.

These benefits also translate into weight savings. The presence of this film allows us to use less intermediate modulus carbon, which had been necessary to provide some flex. Less material equals lighter frame.




Zero.7 incorporates many of the technologies that made the Cento1 SL such a success. 60 TON, a carbon fiber blend that includes MR60H, that can withstand 60 tons of pressure per square millimeter. The carbon is made even more compact and impact resistant by the implementation of Zinc Oxide nanoparticle epoxy resin (ZnO). Lastly, the Zero.7 also shares the Cento1 SL’s LIT (Large Inflatable Tube) construction technique, which firmly compacts the carbon against the walls of the mold to make the thickness absolutely uniform.

The goal of all this technology is to achieve the Zero.7’s extraordinary lightness, a painted frame is less than 799 grams (750 g for size M), without affecting strength and stability in any way.

Zero.7 official promo

The official promo video for the Zero.7, the lightest bike produced by Wilier Triestina.


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46,5  40,5 51,5 75° 10,5 40,3 71° 30'


48,5  42,5 52,8 74° 50' 12 40,4 72°


50,5  44,5 53,7  74° 50'  14,3 40,5  73°


52,5  46,5 55,5 73° 50' 15,4 40,7  73°


55,5  49,5 57  73°  17,1 40,9  73°


59 53 58,5 72° 50' 18,8 41 73° 50'

Fame data Carbon Monocoque
Frame weight 780 gr (size M)
Fork Carbon Monocoque
Fork weight 360 gr